An Affair With Your Passion

Some of the best advice I ever received to help me reach my goals….have an affair with your passion.

An affair is often fueled with anticipation; sneaking around to have desire filled moments. Taking every opportunity to write a text, take a call or see that person who captivates your mind. Rearranging your schedule for that one little getaway that feeds your appetite for adventure.

What would happen if you had an affair with your passion?

Sneak away to write that book, make music or check that certain something off your bucket list. Rearrange your schedule no matter what to go create that one thing that feeds your appetite for adventure.

Turn your passion into a love affair, ModWoman. Captivate your mind with the vision of you at the top of the pyramid, looking over your creations that changed the world.

Published by Gina Soleil

Do what you love, and love what you do. Gina Soleil provides motivation and coaching for corporate executives. Through her fresh new approach to business, she teaches you how to become the happiest person you know WHILE performing better than ever and successfully mastering work and life. It’s time to live your best life now! Schedule a session with Gina Soleil today.

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