Accelerate The Path To Your Dreams

Saying no is a #1 ModWoman CEO trait.

If you don’t put boundaries around your own time no one else will. In fact, having time boundaries is the only way you’ll accomplish your goals and live your dream.

You get to choose how you spend your time. Be careful of falling victim to excuses like… I have to do all this other stuff first because others are counting on me. My kids are more important than my dreams. They pay me, so they get all of my time.

You have to put a stake in the ground that you and your dreams are more important than anything and everything in your life. When you’re achieving your goals and living your dream everything else around you gets better! This includes your friends, family, kids, etc. If you’re falling victim to time sucking excuses, you’re choosing everyone and everything over yourself.

To be a ModWoman CEO you need to put yourself first. This means you need to reframe how you view your value. You’re more precious than gold. Now it’s time to own it.

Here are three simple things you can do right now to accelerate the path to your big dream:

  1. Definitive Plan: Write down your definitive goal and plan to achieve your goal. Read your goal every morning when you wake up, over lunch and every night before you go to bed. This is a technique for programming your subconscious mind. As you recite your goal and plan every morning, noon and night your actions will begin the follow. Things you once did that got in your way of achieving your goal become less important and even irrelevant. It becomes easier to say no because your mind won’t think twice before doing so.
  2. Reframe Your Value: Reframing your value can’t happen until you have a definitive plan. Your plan is step 1. Once you have your plan you need to treat yourself, your time, and your plan like gold. Nothing comes before it. Period! That doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids, pets, family and friends. Keep those cuddles in. And have that glass of wine with your girlfriends. But your priority “to do” list is you and your plan. If you’re having trouble comprehending how in the world this is possible, read last week’s blog post: An Affair With Your Passion.
  3. Say No: Say no to anything that doesn’t help you achieve your definitive goal and items on your plan. Yes, you may still have to work and pay your bills, but how you choose to organize your schedule within or around that job is up to you. Create sacred time on your calendar and fiercely protect it…this is called boundaries. Say no to anything that tries to sneak into your sacred time, and only allow yourself to use that time for activities that will help you reach your definitive goal.

You got this, ModWoman!

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Do what you love, and love what you do. Gina Soleil provides motivation and coaching for corporate executives. Through her fresh new approach to business, she teaches you how to become the happiest person you know WHILE performing better than ever and successfully mastering work and life. It’s time to live your best life now! Schedule a session with Gina Soleil today.

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