Ideas: How To Bring Them To Life

My girlfriend Lindsay is an inspiration. She gets an idea and then goes for it. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But that doesn’t scare her. She likes to experiment and just see what happens. ModWoman, this is what you call living life.

You see, Lindsay has the courage to just go for it. Her ideas aren’t massive million dollar investments. She’s not mortgaging her home for that next adventure. She’s simply activating a constant flow of ideas no matter how small. Ideas, that one by one elevate her life, making everything in her life better. Lindsay is a ModWoman CEO.

We’re here on this big beautiful Earth to learn, grow and experience. The journey of life is filled with countless opportunities to activate ideas that will take you right to your dream.

Here are three easy steps to bring your ideas to life:

  1. Write down 20 ideas. If you have less, great! Just write down all the ideas you’ve been thinking about over the years, months or days. Then cross off all the ideas except one idea that you know can come to life in one month or less. Here’s a little hint: one big idea can be broken down into multiple little ideas.
  2. Write down up to 5 actions: Write up to five specific actions you’re going to take within the next month to make it happen. It doesn’t matter how small the action just write it down.
  3. Now, start moving! For 30-days just focus on this one idea that you know will happen by the end of the 30-days. You don’t need to tell anyone, just do it. And no matter how small the idea, relish in the moment when you get to step back and see this idea brought to life!

What are you waiting for? Start living and go for it.

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