Your ModWoman Super Power

Life becomes so much easier once you choose to not take on other people’s emotions as your own.

If you’re a ModWoman CEO, then you’re also an empath. In other words, you feel what other people feel. Whether your colleague is upset, significant other is sad, or family member is hurt, disappointed or frustrated–you have the ability to feel it all.

This is a gift, but it’s only a strength once you learn how to manage your energy.

For many empaths, this empathic super power can be exhausting, even debilitating until the basics of energy management are learned. Here are three energy techniques to get you started:

  1. Bubble Up: Energy is a very real and tangible thing. You feel what other people feel because of the energy they’re putting out into the world. All day every day, imagine yourself in a golden bubble of energy. State the intention that only the highest vibration of light is allowed to come inside your bubble. This will help take the emotional edge off.
  2. Is it yours? Whenever you’re feeling a low-vibe emotion (sad, angry, frustrated, worried, anxious, etc.), put your hand on your heart. Breathe. And ask yourself, “Is this feeling mine?” You’ll get an immediate YES or NO. Don’t second guess yourself. If no, move to step three.
  3. Choose you! Many ModWoman CEOs default to taking care of other people’s emotions before their own. This never works. If you’re going to make it to the top of the pyramid girlfriend, you need to stop trying to fix, carry, take on or take responsibility for other people’s emotions. Here’s a great daily affirmation to start saying: I choose me! I take care of all my needs before addressing the needs of others. I do this because when I’m healthy everything around me becomes healthier!

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