The #1 Habit To Break If You Want Healthy Relationships

I hate to break it to you ModWoman, but one of your super powers is not the ability to mind read.

I know, shocking.

Many women (and men) get into the mind reading habit. Saying things like, “I know what you’re thinking…” Or making assumptions that someone feels a certain way, or has certain preferences, ideas or judgements.

Mind reading can lead to arguments and cause unnecessary stress in relationships.

In fact, the mind reading obsession often turns into drama filled stories with twists and turns and plots that could win an Oscar. But here’s the deal: the movie you’re staring in is just that…a movie, and it’s not based in reality. There’s about 100 things the other person could be thinking about.

That’s not to say your intuition isn’t spot on, but intuition is only effective when you’re in your heart and breathing. Mind reading is when you’re stuck in your head and it’s often driven by ego that can trigger insecurity.

Here are three things you can do to stop mind reading and start cultivating emotionally healthy relationships:

  1. Assume Positive Intent: Assume that the other person has your best interest in mind. You create your realty. Choose to put out good vibes about others and you’ll get good vibes back.
  2. Be Curious: Genuinely ask questions and actively listen to the answers. Become a private investigator who authentically wants to find out good news about the other person or the situation. And be empathetic in the process; he/or she may be going through some tough stuff unrelated to you.
  3. Be Aware: Awareness is key. The moment you catch yourself mind reading call yourself out. The more aware you are of when you’re doing it the easier it is to stop.

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