Reclaim Your Calm

The number one complaint most of my coaching clients have is not being able to get out of their head. I call this being stuck in crazy town! A term coined by my teacher and friend, Jeremiah Rangel.

Most women face this crazy town reality daily. In fact, many woman find themselves in a perpetual loop of the stories in their head that may or may not align to real life.

It’s important to note, crazy town is not a woman thing it’s a human thing. Men experience this epidemic equally as much as women.

So how do you get out of crazy town and reclaim your calm? I promise you that I won’t suggest that you find time to go to a meditation class (although beneficial). If you’re a ModWoman CEO you can barely find time to go to the bathroom some days. You need this solution fast.

Here are my three favorite techniques for getting out of your head and reclaiming your calm in 7 minutes or less:

  1. Breathe: Okay, girlfriends. Most of you out there aren’t actually breathing in a way that will help you remove stress. Diaphragmatic Breathing is key. It’s also called belly breathing. Breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds, fill your belly with air, and then breathe out of your nose for another 7 seconds. Do this for 7 minutes while closing your eyes or looking at a lit candle.
  2. The Blue Dot Technique: Draw a blue dot on a posted note. While belly breathing, stare at the center of the blue dot with laser focus. Keeping your eyes on the center, slowly begin to bring your awareness outside the dot and eventually around the room (all while keeping your eyes on the center of the dot). This technique brings you into peripheral awareness…moving you out of your head and into your heart. With practice you can complete this technique with great success in 30 seconds or less.
  3. Hand on Your Heart: This is the simplest of the techniques. While breathing, all you need to do is place one or both hands on your heart and imagine a golden light glowing bright in your chest. You can do this for as long as you like. I even do this technique while sitting in meetings and no one knows what I’m doing!

It’s all about practice. Be patient with yourself ModWoman. Once you master the art of calm there’s nothing you can’t accomplish!

Life Changing Apps and Services

Life changing! My Starbucks app has fast become my can’t live without app. Seriously, best invention ever.

No more waiting in long lines. I just put in my order before I hit the road. Using the trusty ‘prep time’ feature I arrive at the exact time my drink is ready. Then Viola! I pull up, walk past everyone line, pick up my drink and say a thank you! Off I go ahead of schedule.

Us ModWoman CEOs have a lot going on in life. I don’t know about you, but I’m balancing my career, time with my daughter, boyfriend, friends, pets, housecleaning, laundry, dishes, lawn care, paying bills, getting gas, staying fit, sleeping, remembering to drink water and take my vitamins, not forgetting to clean up dog poop in the back yard and remembering to bring the garbage down on Monday nights. I’m constantly forgetting to bring the garbage down.

Point being, there’s a lot of sh$& going on!

We need all the help we can get. It’s not easy balancing life. And the reality is life will just keep getting busier if you let it. So if you haven’t already, purge the guilt, start getting help, and take the little things that are getting in the way of your Wonder Woman super powers off your plate.

Hire the cleaning lady. Sign up for the lawn service. And get yourself a coffee app! Whatever you need, I guarantee there’s something out there that can help you.

Here are some of my favorite ModWoman CEO worthy apps and services… what are yours?

1. Lawn Service: I’m a single mom that doesn’t have time to prune my shrubs and edge my lawn. This is my number one service recommendation. I use Landcraft in Minneapolis. Amazing and woman owned!

2. Cleaning Service: Do I need to say more.

3. Clothes Rental: I rent my work clothes from Le Toté ($99 a month) and Rent the Runway ($150 a month). Love it! No more coordinating outfits or dry cleaning.

4. Coffee App: Starbucks, Caribou, etc. We all need a little boost and sometimes our favorite tea or coffee drink does the trick.

5. Grocery App: Order all your groceries with a push of a button between meetings and while at a soccer game! Instacart or Shipt are great options.

6. Trello: The ultimate list app…and its better than posted notes. You’ll stay organized and it’s unbelievably easy to use. You can even share your lists with others.

7. Takl: One of the most magical apps ever! Whatever chore you have around the house you can find the service on Takl.

Master Teacher, Master Student

We all come into life having to learn lessons. Some harder than others. And by universal law, we get to continue experiencing the lessons we need to learn most. This is where the phrase Master Teacher, Master Student comes from. You see, you never stop receiving the lesson you just get better at navigating through the experience.

The Master Student understands this law and relishes in the opportunity to play with the Universe. Rather than fighting for a different experience, she simply breathes through it and asks, “What do I get to learn from this experience?” When the lesson is learned the teacher (the experience) is no longer needed. As the Master Student gets stronger the lessons become easier to experience simply because she has awareness.

So ModWoman, what experience are you having? Are you breathing? Remember, this too shall pass. You’re simply on the road to becoming an even greater version of you.

What are you going to remember in five years?

“What are you going to remember in five years? Do that.” – Louise Minor

When I was in grad school there was an opportunity for me to spend two weeks in Argentina. For me, a trip of a lifetime!

I was hesitant in going. The trip was right at the end of the semester and I was in the throws of finals. In order to go on the trip I would have to miss my classes and final presentation. This may not seem like a big deal, but for me at the time it was a huge decision.

One day after class I shared the dilemma with my professor. Without skipping a beat, she said, “Gina, what are you going to remember in five years? Going to your last class or spending two unforgettable weeks in Argentina?” Needless to say I went to Argentina.

That trip to Argentina was life changing. Literally. During that trip I was inspired to write my business plan that would soon launch the company of my dreams. Little did I know how soon. Three weeks after returning to the States I was laid off and decided to launch my business…one of the best decisions of my life.

What are you going to remember in five years? This is now a question I ask myself with every big decision that comes my way. My response has never steered me wrong. And every time there’s an opportunity to ask myself that question I always know an unforgettable adventure is on its way!

So ModWoman, what are you going to remember in five years? Do that.

Sieze the Opportunity

“Every age and every origin of woman around the world has inside her a ModWoman CEO that can break through barriers, reach beyond limits and transform her life.”

Gina Soleil

Opportunity is all around us. Every moment of every day we have an opportunity to make a difference in our own life. We’re never short on opportunity, but rather the courage it takes to sieze the opportunity in front of us.

Opportunity requires one to be bold. To sieze opportunity you need guts! Sometimes everything works out great. And sometimes it looks like a big giant mess.

Don’t be fooled! Underneath that big giant mess might just be that opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Don’t give up ModWoman. The grandest of all opportunity is usually just moments away from what seems like complete devistation.

You got this!

Advice Worth Sharing

I’ve received a lot of advice in my life. Some good, and well, some not very good. I’ve received advice from fabulous souls that may not even remember giving me the profound wisdom. Some may not even know their words impacted me at all. To them, I’m simply a stranger that was in the right place doing the right thing at the exact right time.

Here is a list of my favorite nuggets I’ve collected over the years. I’ll continue to add to the list as these wise words flow back to me. I can’t take credit for the wisdom, but I can take credit for doing something with it…today that something is sharing it with you.

“Sweetheart, you’re a bird who is meant to fly. Don’t let anyone cut your wings and put you in a cage.” – my Dad

“Sweetheart, the world goes around on two things: money and bullshit. You have to learn how to make it, spend it and sling it!” – my Dad (I was given this advice at the ripe age of eight!)

“There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback” – Jeremiah Rangel (Passed on from his teachers.)

“Boundaries love! Work will never love you back.” – unknown

“The beauty of the rose is not in the color of its petal, but in the prick of its thorn.” – my Dad

“Divine Spirit, Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?” – Gabrielle Bernstein

“This too shall pass.” – my Mom

“Everything happens for a reason.” – my Mom

“What are you going to remember in five years? Do that.” – Louise Minor

“Sometimes you gotta ask yourself, Is this an odd thing or a God thing.” – Nick, a friend from years back.

“Que será, será.”- me (when I was a small child) Apparently I used to walk around saying this when I was a kid. My Mom had no idea who or where I got it from, but it stuck with me and continues to be useful.

What’s your favorite advice?