Two Ways To Reach Your Goals Faster

When I arrived to my beautiful cottage in Ireland, I was greeted by two pictures. The first said Good Vibes Only and the second was an outline of a pyramid. I was instantly reminded of the two most important things for any Wonder Woman CEO to remember…

A Balanced Life: Yes, It Feels That Good

The question is not: are you in balance? The question is: is there there a balance between what you are giving and what you are receiving? This my friend, is the secrect to balance.

Your ModWoman Super Power

If you’re a Wonder Woman CEO, then you’re also an empath. In other words, you feel what other people feel. Whether your colleague is upset, significant other is sad, or family member is hurt, disappointed or frustrated–you have the ability to feel it all.

Accelerate The Path To Your Dreams

To be a Wonder Woman CEO you need to put yourself first. This means you need to reframe how you view your value. You’re more precious than gold and now it’s time to own it.

The New Vibrant You

Here’s a little secret… the new vibrant energy that’s going to usher you forward in life can’t come in until there’s room for it to exist. It’s time to make that purge list and get moving.