A Balanced Life: Yes, It Feels That Good

The question is not: are you in balance? The question is: is there there a balance between what you are giving and what you are receiving? This my friend, is the secrect to balance.

The #1 Habit To Break If You Want Healthy Relationships

Many women (and men) get into the mind reading habit. Saying things like, “I know what you’re thinking…” Or making assumptions that someone feels a certain way, or has certain preferences, ideas or judgements.

Failure Is The New Fabulous

Life is fun once you understand that failure is a made up nonexistent concept; simply a fabrication of someone else’s insecurities that was never yours to begin with.

How To Get Everything You Want

It’s impossible to screw up in a world of infinite possibilities. Each moment building on the next. Your own personal action adventure tear jerking drama romantic comedy…all for you.

Your ModWoman Super Power

If you’re a Wonder Woman CEO, then you’re also an empath. In other words, you feel what other people feel. Whether your colleague is upset, significant other is sad, or family member is hurt, disappointed or frustrated–you have the ability to feel it all.

Self-deprecating Statements To Stop—#1 Will Surprise You

I see this habit of self-deprecation in so many women–intentionally or even unconsciously putting themselves down in an attempt to win others over. This technique will pull you away from your goals and tear your dreams down to a crumble.

Reclaim Your Calm

The number one complaint most of my coaching clients have is not being able to get out of their head. I call this being stuck in crazy town! A term coined by my teacher and friend, Jeremiah Rangel. Most women face this crazy town reality daily. In fact, many woman find themselves in a perpetualContinue reading “Reclaim Your Calm”