Two Ways To Reach Your Goals Faster

When I arrived to my beautiful cottage in Ireland, I was greeted by two pictures. The first said Good Vibes Only and the second was an outline of a pyramid. I was instantly reminded of the two most important things for any Wonder Woman CEO to remember…

The #1 Habit To Break If You Want Healthy Relationships

Many women (and men) get into the mind reading habit. Saying things like, “I know what you’re thinking…” Or making assumptions that someone feels a certain way, or has certain preferences, ideas or judgements.

3 Tips To Live By: How To Keep Cool When Tensions Are High

I recently had an experience where I engaged in a conversation when I should have just walked away. It was a reminder of the three grande lessons of how to keep cool when tensions are high.

Failure Is The New Fabulous

Life is fun once you understand that failure is a made up nonexistent concept; simply a fabrication of someone else’s insecurities that was never yours to begin with.

How To Get Everything You Want

It’s impossible to screw up in a world of infinite possibilities. Each moment building on the next. Your own personal action adventure tear jerking drama romantic comedy…all for you.

Two Types Of People: Which One Are You?

These are the movers and shakers; rebel girls and maverick women. They keep going. They keep moving. Always in action. Bit by bit. Moment by moment. They live their dream. Never giving up on the most important person in their life…themselves.

Your ModWoman Super Power

If you’re a Wonder Woman CEO, then you’re also an empath. In other words, you feel what other people feel. Whether your colleague is upset, significant other is sad, or family member is hurt, disappointed or frustrated–you have the ability to feel it all.

A Road To Riches: A Story That Could Change Your Life

One day during the height of my dismay, a friend of mine said, “Gina, sometimes you have to ask yourself: is this an odd thing or a God thing.” I knew in that moment this was a God thing and I had lessons to learn. I just didn’t know what lessons I was learning…yet.