ModWoman CEO Coaching Program

The ModWoman CEO Coaching Program is how you expand into the healthiest most successful version of you.

Unlike any leadership coaching program on the market today, ModWoman CEO teaches you the art of balancing your energy, staying calm and centered at all times and in any given situation, communicating with confidence, and achieving extraordinary results in business and in life while remaining healthy and spiritually connected.

Four steps to extraordinary success. 

The Wonder Woman CEO Coaching Program is a virtual coaching program that allows you to participate from anywhere in the world.

Each of the four program levels is offered as a series. You’ll meet once a month for two hours. In between each session, you’ll participate in a small group activity and growth work to help you turn your learning into a lifestyle.

  • ModWoman CEO 101
  • ModWoman CEO Foundations
  • ModWoman CEO Advanced
  • ModWoman CEO Advanced PLUS

The Wonder Woman CEO Coaching Program is easy, fun and beyond transformational. It’s time you put yourself first and embark on the journey where you’ll meet the most successful version of you!

Member and Non-Member Pricing:

ModWoman CEO 101: $0 member/$47 non-member
ModWoman CEO Foundations: $298 member/$425 non-member
ModWoman CEO Advanced: $298 member/$425 non-member
ModWoman CEO Advanced PLUS: $298 member/$425 non-member

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